A Tone on Tone Katazome Panel: Subtle Repair

$90.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
57" x 13 1/2", 145 cm x 34 cm

This marvelously patterned length of katazome cloth is hand woven from what appear to be hand spun cotton yarns.

The blue-on-blue pattern is richly colored due to a two-step dyeing process: the cloth was first dyed in indigo to achieve a light blue, or asagi as it is called in Japan.  When that clear blue color was achieved, the dyed blue cloth was stencil resisted and dyed again, which created the repeat pattern of stylized chrysanthemums and arabesques shown on this length.

The cloth is interesting when looked at from both sides: the patterned side shows some subtle patching and repair while the plain-dyed back of the cloth reveals the patches--one of them, an extremely difficult-to-see round repair is obvious on the patterned side of the cloth.

An absolutely beautiful length of cloth, both in terms of its hand woven texture and also in its design and color.


A Tone on Tone Katazome Panel: Subtle Repair