A Thinly Padded Large Zabuton: Large Scale Kasuri

$90.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
27" x 24", 68.5 cm x 61 cm

This is a zabuton which is a lightly padded, traditional seating cushion. Zabuton are still very much used all over Japan for sitting on the floor, often on tatami.

This particular zabuton is hand stitched from a vibrantly patterned kasuri cloth which shows a graphically appealing large-scale design of interlocking circles and what might be a motif called "diamond flower."

The design is exciting for its size and for the deep blue figures on a silvery-grey background as well as for its placed arrangemen on the pillow.

As this zabuton was used by whoever made it so many decades ago there is some slight damage to it in the form of a couple of small holes, barely able to be seen and only noticed if you carefully inspect the surface of the zabuton. On one of the accompanying images here a small hole is shown as an example of them.

A lovely thing, still usable, and showing beautiful hand loomed kasuri cotton.


A Thinly Padded Large Zabuton: Large Scale Kasuri