A Tattered Boro Apron: Hard-Used and Pieced

$165.00 USD

early twentieth century
22 3/4" x 18", 58 cm x 46 cm

In traditional Japanese culture in centuries past aprons were a staple item of almost everyone's dress, even children wore aprons over their kimono as a way of protecting their clothing from wear, soiling and abrasion.

This is a wonderful example of an extremely well-worn, home made indigo dyed cotton, boro apron that is hand stitched from old cotton which have been worn and abraded over time. The back of the apron with its shredding, holes and stains attests to this as does similar wear to the front. 

Notice the tucking or pleating at the top of the apron which is a nice detail that could get lost among the more prominent ones that are the piecing and stitching of the cotton fragments, the mending, the holes and the many stains.

This is a seriously well-worn boro garment that does not skimp on showing traces of the daily life of the owner who no doubt wore this on a daily basis for years.


A Tattered Boro Apron: Hard-Used and Pieced