A Tattered and Boro Han Juban: Ragged, Beautiful Under Kimono

$295.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
20" x 39", 51 cm x 99 cm

This beautifully ragged and repaired pieced-from-scraps garment is a han juban or a half-under kimono. Both of its sides--inside and out--are visually delightful and either is a joy to look at.

The cloth which is hand stitched together to make this garment is a variety of cotton: some of the pieces are well-used flannel which have lost a good deal of their nap. The interplay of faded colors against the bold and subtle patterns of the cloth is just lovely and needs little description here.

The proper outside of the garment is faded and shows ingrained dirt; the garment has been washed and the ingrained dirt has remained. There is fading and there are stains; the two sleeves are ragged.

But the combinations of the colors and the patterns is alluring--as is the knowing this garment is beautiful to look at from all vantage points.

Super lovely.