A Taisho Era Child's Fan #2

$35.00 USD

ca. 1920s-30s
as shown, entire object: 13" x 6", 33 cm x 15 cm
fan:5 1/4" x 6", 13 cm x 15.25 cm 

This charming little child's fan is made of a split bamboo stick onto which is affixed a lightweight, cardboard fan.  

Rendered in pink, blue, yellow, red, black, orange and green, the fan depicts a little Japanese girl rowing a duck-shaped boat, her hair blowing in the breeze under a pink sky which is studded with three clouds.  

Really cute.

Extremely lightweight, this little thing is in good condition, with no flaws with exception of the usual show of age.

A Taisho Era Child's Fan #2