A Stunning Length of Complex Katazome: Bishamon

$85.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth century
30" x 13", 76 cm x 33 cm

This length of indigo dyed cotton cloth is amazingly good for its intricate design and its splendid execution.  The black, white and blue interlocking pattern is called bishamon kikko, Bishamon being a reference to the god of wealth, treasure and warriors.  The bishamon shape is the distinctive three pronged one; in between this shape is a hexagon, or kikko, the tortoise shell shape, which conveys a wish for long life.

The cotton is crisp as are the colors and the execution of the resist dyed katazome cloth; it seems not to have been used.

It is a really handsome and marvelous length of old cotton, and comes recommended for its age and beauty. 
A Stunning Length of Complex Katazome: Bishamon