A Stitched Kasuri Panel: Blurred Design

$45.00 USD

early twentieth century
24 1/2" x 19", 62 cm x 48.25 cm

This is an interesting fragment of rustically woven old indigo dyed cotton kasuri cloth.

It was once an apron but the tie is gone: the piece here is made from one-and-a-half loom widths and it is hand stitched on the bottom hem. The seam joining the two piece is also hand stitched.

The kasuri fabric is interesting as the floral images are designed as horizontal bands, more interesting is that the images are kind of blurred or difficult to make out. The yarns are also slubby which make for even more rusticity.

An unusual kasuri piece this one resounds with the spirit of the hands of dedicated artisans from another era.

A Stitched Kasuri Panel: Blurred Design