A Softly Faded Katazome Length: Beautiful Patches

$95.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth century
61" x 13", 155 cm x 33 cm 

This is a wonderful, delicately patterned length of indigo dyed cotton which is dyed in the technique called katazome.

Shown here is what would have been the reverse side of the length, so the patterning is more muted than what is seen on the proper, "public" side.  What is seen is a field of beautifully rendered flowers amid a field of karakusa or arabesque.  The indigo dye has oxidized over time giving this lightweight, hand woven cotton length a faded grey-blue color.

The base cloth, the softly figured cloth is lovely unto itself, but it is enriched by the presence of four, indigo dyed cotton patches, two of them being katazome cloth in a nice, blue tone that acts in contrast to the grey-colored base cloth.  Really lovely.

A wonderful length of old, handwoven cotton, and one with good age and a beautiful design.


A Softly Faded Katazome Length: Beautiful Patches