A Small Plaid Cotton Furoshiki: Hand Written Tag

$34.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
23" x 20 1/2", 58.5 cm x 52 cm

This charming little object is an indigo dyed cotton furoshiki, the cloth of which was hand loomed.  A furoshiki is a wrapping cloth: large ones are used for hauling and storage and smaller ones like this are often used for presenting gifts or something similar.

This furoshiki is hand stitched from one-and-a-half loom widths of woven plaid cotton, the scale of the plaid is harmonious to the size of the furoshiki. As can also be seen, the furoshiki also shows a small, white cotton, hand stitched patch that contains hand writing--kanji or Chinese characters--which presumably state the name of the original owner of this piece and possibly a date.


A Small Plaid Cotton Furoshiki: Hand Written Tag