A Small Boro Mat: Pieced, Stitched and Mended

$65.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
26" x 23", 66 cm x 58.5 cm

This is a double-sided mat that seems to have been casually or quickly stitched together from scraps of cotton cloth.

The lead photos shows what might have been the proper top side; it is made primarily of indigo dyed cottons, both plain and kasuri, and an edge of a brown kimono material. 

The back is of striped cloth and a commercially printed patch with a nice, large area of the same brown kimono cloth as is used on the front.

As mentioned already this seems to have been quickly assembled and if you have a look at the photos of the back of the mat this is fairly obvious.

Lovely on both its sides this is a very nice, every day cloth made from re-purposed cottons--and it is very nice to look at.

A Small Boro Mat: Pieced, Stitched and Mended