A Shop's Wrapping Paper #2: Recycled Paper

$18.00 USD

early twentieth century
29" x 30", 73.5 cm x 76 cm

This is an off-square piece of paper, the area of which has been created by gluing together recycled sheets of used paper, many of which seem to come from accounting books or ledgers.

This piece of paper was used to wrap goods at a shop in old Japan, and there is evidence of this from the central "diamond" shape of creasing and wear which is slightly noticeable when viewed from a certain angle.

Note the profusion of hand writing and numbers which are seen on this piece, as well as the two, large areas of kanji, or Chinese characters, on the paper's reverse side.

The arbitrary construction of this tatoushi, as it is called, is really subtle and beautiful; holding this paper against the light, where its complex network of seams can be seen, is really beautiful, and something of a surprise.

A wonderful piece of old Japan.


A Shop's Wrapping Paper #2: Recycled Paper