A Shirakage Shibori Han Juban: White Shadow

$295.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
30" x 41", 76 cm x 104 cm

Shirakage is one of the most difficult shibori techniques to master, and here we see a very clean, clear and beautifully dyed example of this kind of resist dyed cotton.  

The finely lined pattern seems to be a variant of a classic shibori pattern called yanagi or willow, the long, wavy lines suggesting the beautifully delicate branches of the willow tree.

This jacket is likely a cotton han juban or half-under kimono and it is completely hand stitched.  Note, please, that the sleeve ends are unfinished and show frayed and slightly torn edges, not clearly seen here.

The cotton of the han juban is fairly bright white but it shows wear from age. The indigo is rich and clearly dyed using botanically derived color.

A really wonderful garment and certainly one that is collectible for its fine shibori dyeing.


A Shirakage Shibori Han Juban: White Shadow