A Shifu Obi: Commercially Produced Paper Yarn

$90.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
122" x 5 7/8", 310 cm x 15 cm

This subtly colored obi, a traditional sash used in wearing kimono, is woven from cotton and commercially produced cotton yarns.  Most likely it was woven in the mid twentieth century.

The faded brick-colored weft yarns are of twisted paper which gives this thickly woven obi a lightness in the hand that is characteristic of paper woven cloth.

The warp seems to be of, again, commercially produced cotton yarns and the obi shows some creases and striations from having been used, which it was.

The color, a regular banding of black and brick, is slightly faded from wear.

Unusual and lovely.

A Shifu Obi: Commercially Produced Paper Yarn