A Set of Six Ajrakh Coasters: Authentic Woodblock Dyeing Technique

$20.00 USD

each: 4" x 4", 10 cm x 10 cm

This is a set of six coasters which is made of true ajrakh cotton.

Real ajrakh is only produced in a few, isolated locations in Western India and Eastern Pakistan, associated with the geographical zone centered on the Rann of Kachchh (Gujarat), Barmer in Rajasthan, Lower Sindh and the western edge of the Thar desert.  

The cloth shown here is made by skilled artisans in Sindh, Pakistan--and with any craft so arduous to produce, the last remaining ajrakh dyers of Sindh are slowly ceasing production.

The process for making this printed and mordanted cotton cloth is extremely complex and sequential and it calls for expert hand work from those who know how to prepare the undyed cotton for printing and dyeing to those who know how to finish the cloth in its final stages.