A Section of a Sakiori Kotatsugake: Multi-Colored Checkerboard

$185.00 USD

mid twentieth century
64" x 14", 162.5 cm x 35.5 cm

This is a beautifully colored, wonderfully designed and ingeniously woven length of sakiori, a kind of weaving that uses shredded cloth for its weft yarn

Sakiori is the Japanese word for rag woven textiles. 

Most likely this sakiori panel is taken from a kotatsugake or hearth cover, and it shows some light wear and a tightening to one part of the length.

It is unusual for its large, blocky colored pattern; the proportion of the blocks to the overall scale of the length is somehow perfectly balanced which, in addition to its fine color, makes this such an alluring sakiori textile. 

Please note the irregular hand woven selvedge.