A Sample Book of Cotton Yukata Fabric: Dated 1931

$65.00 USD

when closed:14 1/2" x 7", 37 cm x 18 cm

This is a sample book of 15 cotton designs meant to be used for yukata, a kind of unlined, casual kimono. As can be seen by the front cloth cover which contains this set, this group was produced in 1931.

The designs are dense and seemingly plain. Upon closer inspection the small scale grids which make the designs are ordered into subtle repeat patterns which are almost optical in nature. As well there are small designs tucked into the field which dominates each pattern, in one case we see a baseball.

Some of the designs show a large, stitched diamond which must be a reference to semamori, the protective stitches applied to children's kimono which are intended to ward off evil.

A lovely group of subtle designs which have the nice feature of being properly dated.