A Rustic Sakiori Obi: Thick Warp Yarns

$115.00 USD

mid twentieth century
120" x 6 1/2", 304 cm x 16.5 cm

A sakiori obi is a traditional kimono sash that has been woven from shredded rags that have been transformed into weft yarns: sakiori is the Japanese term for rag weaving.

In making sakiori obi the rags used for making weft yarns are cotton but some are silk, rayon or whatever cloth was available or attractive to use for weft yarn.

In this case the sakiori obi is entirely cotton, both warp and weft. This particular obi is notable for its good age and for its rustic appearance.

The colors in this obi are beautifully muted due to the light colored warp yarns. The colors travel up the length of the cloth in a fairly random manner as it seems the weaver of this obi was using available weft yarns to create this sash.

The warp yarns are a thick, buff-colored cotton whose tones lend a lovely haze to the overall color of the obi. There is a centrally placed stripe of darker warp tones.

Have a look at the Instagram post of this obi showing the bright colored weft yarns that are concealed by the warp. Note as well the long fringe to one of the two ends of the obi.

A wonderful, old sakiori obi.

A Rustic Sakiori Obi: Thick Warp Yarns