A Rustic and Beautiful Sakiori Obi: Purples

$120.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
122" x 6 1/2", 310 cm x 16 cm

This is a rustically woven and beautifully colored sakiori obi, which is a traditional kimono sash that is woven using shredded cloth as its weft yarn.

The warp yarns are of black cotton yarn while the weft yarns are of rich, deep mottled purple--due to the use of figured shredded cloth yarn--and mottled off-white, again, due to the use of some kind of figured cloth shredded weft yarns.

This is a very attractive rustic obi and it is in used condition with an area of loss to one of the edges which can be seen in the accompanying detail photo. The colors in this obi and the rustic nature of the weaving is simply beautiful. 

An especially handsome folk textile in a beautiful color palette--this obi a rare treat.

Very recommended.

A Rustic and Beautiful Sakiori Obi: Purples