A Roof Tile Drawing: Full-Scale and Abstract

$30.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
21" x 14 1/2", 53.5 cm x 37 cm

This is a hand made ink drawing which comes from the workshop of a roof tile maker in Ise, Japan.

The drawing is done in charcoal-based ink on paper, and the full-scale design is meant for a decorative element of a traditional tiled roof.

As might be able to be discerned by looking at the detail photos here, the paper is delicate and is well-creased.

The graceful curved lines of this image are symbolic of cloud-like elements. They can often be seen on traditional Japanese tiled roofs and carved wooden eaves as they suggest vapor, "wetness" and rain, which, of course, are extremely important to homes in cities that are made of paper and wood.  Fire was a big problem in old Japan, and talismans embedded in the design of the house were used in an effort to stave them off.

Please note some smudges of grey clay on the paper--obviously this is the material used to make the roof tiles.

Just lovely--and its abstracted image as pulled out of context is curious and attractive.

A Roof Tile Drawing: Full-Scale and Abstract