A Roll of Kurume Kasuri Cotton Warp Yarns: Vintage

$265.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
17" x 9" diameter, 43 cm x 23 cm diameter

This heavy drum is a roll of indigo dyed cotton kasuri warp yarns from Kurume in Kyushu, a place that produced very distinctive looking kasuri pattens and indigo dyed cloth.

The yarns, which are wound on the spool in between heavy paper, has never been unwrapped, so its length and the condition inside is unknown--however one is to assume that the condition inside is good, since this has not yet been woven, and since there is no obvious damage to the roll.

That said, and not being a weaver, it is hard to say if these yarns are still weavable, but it seems very likely they may be: apparently weavers have a great knack at untangling yarns, which will probably be a good thing when attempting to un-do this thing.

Still, this is a really handsome object, and a curious one at that.  If not used for weaving home made kasuri cloth, it is certainly a wonderful object to admire on its own merits.


A Roll of Kurume Kasuri Cotton Warp Yarns: Vintage