A Resist Dyed Furoshiki: Split Design

$85.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
52" x 50", 132 cm x 127 cm

This is a resist dyed furoshiki, a furoshiki being a square-shaped cloth that was used in old Japan for the carrying, hauling and storing of objects--furoshiki were ubiquitous in old Japan and are still used today.

This particular one bears a graphic design which is of a type of design that was often used on furoshiki in old Japan. The design is split in half; the center line is stylized bamboo. In the lower left hand corner is an insignia showing pine, bamboo and plum or shochikubai, an auspicious grouping of symbols conferring the wish of resilience, long life and courage. In the top, right hand corner is a resist dyed family crest showing a paulownia flower.

The cotton cloth is of good weight and is machine stitched and well-used as can be seen by the detail photos that accompany this post: the surface of the cloth shows wear, patina and some faint stains. There is a tear to the lower, right hand corner of the cloth.

A good looking old furoshiki with a very nice design and handsome colors.

A Resist Dyed Furoshiki: Split Design