A Repaired Sashiko Stitched Furoshiki: Chrysanthemum Motif

$210.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
37" x 40", 94 cm x 101.5 cm

This beautifully sashiko stitched folk textile is a furoshiki, a traditional Japanese wrapping, storing or hauling cloth. The sashiko stitched chrysanthemum designs in each of the four corners is done to reinforce these areas for strength while providing a decorative aspect to the cloth.

The furoshiki is composed of three panels that are hand stitched together: the cotton seems to be both hand spun and hand woven.

Because of previous wear to the piece the center part is both distended from use and also patched: here we see about 8 patches of a few shades of indigo dyed cotton which create an attractive visual arrangement in the center of the cloth.

Inside one of the four chrysanthemum designs on the upper, right hand corner we see a sashiko stitched kanji, a family or shop name indicating the original owner of this old textile.

Beautifully simple and a classic Japanese folk textile.


A Repaired Sashiko Stitched Furoshiki: Chrysanthemum Motif