A Really Beautiful Boro Furoshiki: Resist Dyed Details

$110.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth, early twentieth century
50" x 44",  127 cm x 111.5 cm

This really beautiful boro cloth is hand stitched from four panels of hand spun, hand woven, indigo dyed cotton.  This base cloth is rich in what the Japanese refer to as "thread flavor" or ito aji, and this description is very important in judging quality of old folk textiles.

This is a boro furoshiki or a traditional, Japanese wrapping or carrying cloth.

The four panels are neatly arranged, the two opposing corners being stencil resist dyed, which is something of a "design bonus" when admiring this heavily-patched, utilitarian textile.

At least 40 patches are hand applied to the hand spun cotton base cloth, and this piece is rich in all you would want to find in a good, old boro piece.  A prominent hole, amply illustrated in the accompanying photos, is seen on this textile.


Very recommended.

A Really Beautiful Boro Furoshiki: Resist Dyed Details