A Large Kasuri Woven Furoshiki: Elaborately Sashiko Stitched Corners

$245.00 USD

mid twentieth century
52" x 52", 132 cm x 132 cm

This is a large and beautiful, four panel kasuri cotton furoshiki, a traditional wrapping/carrying cloth. The base cloth is a wonderful combination of plaid and kasuri and the four corners are decorated with white sashiko stitching in elaborate patterns.

Along with the four corners being lavishly stitched, the right and left sides of the cloth are also beautifully sashiko stitched, the stitching presumably to help strengthen the furoshiki. Each of the four corners of this wrapping cloth show the distinctive "tails" of white threads which were used to stitch the decorative corners.

Although there is a great deal of hand sashiko stitching to this beautiful furoshiki the actual construction of it--the sewing together of the four panels and the finishing to the top and bottom--is machine stitched.

This is a beautiful thing, elegant yet rustic, and it shows a lovely combination of styles.