A Pieced Silk Under Kimono: Collage of Colored Fragments

$165.00 USD

early twentieth century
47" x 27", 119.5 cm x 68.5 cm

This silk under kimono is a hand stitched collage of re-purposed silks. Its sleeves were removed so now we see just the body of the garment itself.

Juban or under kimono were often made of left over or recycled silks which were often bright or clashing in color. Often the wearer's kimono was of a somber tone and the under kimono was a secret way of wearing loud and joyous color combinations.

This juban is composed of many pieces of re-used silks, some dyed in vegetable-based dyes while others seem to be synthetic. There is some surface damage to the piece in selective areas but overall it is in fairly good, used condition.

A beautiful arrangement of color and form, this under kimono is definitely an example of unintended art.

Very attractive and with good age.