A Pieced, Indigo Dyed Cotton Boro Cloth: Diaper

$75.00 USD

early twentieth century
29" x 13", 73 cm x 33 cm

This narrow cloth is hand stitched from a beautiful arrangement of old, indigo dyed cottons, most of them which are katazome or stencil resist dyed. The placement of patterns versus plain fragments is beautiful and unintentional and the result is a lovely collage of old, figured Japanese cottons.

At the top of the cloth are two hanging pieces of cloth which indicate the original function of this assembled cloth may have been for a diaper. The reverse side of the cloth is plain, pale blue cotton with a slightly darker cotton patch.

The cloth shows a beautiful array of old katazome dyed cottons which in itself is wonderful.

A beautiful hand made cloth from old Japan.

A Pieced, Indigo Dyed Cotton Boro Cloth: Diaper