A Pieced and Patched Boro Koshimaki: Heavily Layered

$325.00 USD

early twentieth century
24 1/2" x 36 1/2", 62.25 cm x 92.7 cm

This impressive, layered stitched and mended cotton koshimaki or a kind of "slip" worn under a kimono is a traditional textile from old Japan. 

The example offered here was clearly made and worn by a woman who hand stitched it herself from re-purposed old cottons.

It is constructed of a good number of layers of re-used hand loomed, cotton cloth that was clearly appropriated from used and recycled clothing and bedding. 

The kind of cloth that has been pieced and patched to make this seems to have been culled from old and heavily worn cotton kimono--and you can see there is a good amount of piecing and patching that went into this nice-sized, rustic apron.

It is a very good quality, old, boro koshimaki.

This is a real memory of every day in old Japan--it conveys the authentic spirit of a bygone age.