A Pictorial Shibori Two Panel Piece: Large Scale Pauwlonia Flowers

$295.00 USD

early twentieth century
50" x 27 1/2", 127 cm x 70 cm

This magnificently rendered, fairly large two-panel indigo dyed cotton shibori textile seems to have been taken from the back of a yukata or an unlined summer kimono.

The image is impressive for its large scale. It shows two oversized paulownia blossoms; these two blossoms occupy almost the entire area of the cloth. The top bits are a kind of yanagi or willow shibori, blue-on-white, which is a nice contrast to the white-on-blue of the paulownia flowers.

When seen hanging on a wall this textile makes a beautiful visual impact. Its indigo is still very deep in tone and shows good color. The paulownia flowers are beautifully drawn and executed. The cotton is of very nice quality: the yarns could be hand spun but if they are not they appear to be so.

Very recommended for its unusual scale and its expert shibori dyeing.