A Pair of Boro Trousers: Colors and Patches

$195.00 USD

mid twentieth century
as shown: 32" x 15" (waist), 81.5 cm x 38 cm (waist)

This is a charming and odd pair of boro trousers: the two legs are connected at the waist band but are separate from each other; they are not seamed or stitched together which may be able to be seen on the accompanying detail photographs.

The trousers are hand stitched from a variety of cotton flannel cloth; the mint-colored base cloth is almost bald of its flannel "fuzz" while the patches on the surface of the pants are still quite flannel-y in texture.

The colors, the patching and the mending--all hand stitched--are a joy to behold, and although these trousers do not seem wearable, certainly they are collectible and will serve as serious design inspiration or as a peek back into the daily life of old Japan.