A Mid Twentieth Century Shibori Yukata: Arrow Feathers

$165.00 USD

mid to late twentieth century
56" x 48", 142.25 cm x 122 cm

This is an beautifully patterned shibori dyed yukata or an unlined, casual kimono.  

The design on this beautiful garment is a repeat of large-scale yabane or arrow feathers, a very traditional Japanese textile design.  The dark colored arrow feather repeat is the result of not having been tie dyed: the lighter blue ground has been entirely tie dyed in order to show off the yabane design.  The background tone is made with a packed field of kanoko or a fawn dappled pattern, a pattern which is achieved by tying the cloth before being dyed.

The yukata was probably made in the mid to late twentieth century; the indigo is likely not botanical and the cotton is machine loomed.  The yukata is completely hand stitched, and there is very, very faint staining from wear around the collar/neck area, almost too faint to be seen.

A beautiful and graphically interesting yukata, still very wearable and in good, used condition.