A Massive Karakusa Furoshiki: Traditional Carrying Cloth

$145.00 USD

mid twentieth century
86" x 93", 218.5 cm x 236 cm

This massive-in-size, machine finished cotton furoshiki is very much of the type which was popularly used in Japan during the first half of the twentieth century.

A furoshiki is a carrying or wrapping cloth, and in old Japan almost everything which was transported was wrapped in a furoshiki: it was not uncommon to see burden being carried on someone's back contained within a big furoshiki such as this one.

The cotton that was used to create this furoshiki is commercially produced and the cloth machine stitched together.

The surface shows patina and fading from wear. There are disturbances and abrasions to the dyed color as indicated in the attached detail photos.  There are also small patched areas, also shown in the attached photos.

The color is a faded, moss green and the arabesque pattern is called karakusa in Japan.

A wonderful thing and its tremendous size/area affords this many uses in the home.


A Massive Karakusa Furoshiki: Traditional Carrying Cloth