A Marvelous Reversible Boro Kimono: Two Good Sides

$395.00 USD

mid twentieth century
49" x 47", 124.5 cm x 119.5 cm

This patched and piece-constructed cotton kimono is a very good one, and one that should be considered by those who are interested in boro garments from old Japan.  

It is equally interesting from all four of its sides: front and back, both inside and outside.

The lead photos that accompany this post show the proper inside of the kimono, so you are looking at its pieced lining.  The proper exterior is also piece-constructed of recycled cottons, but with a much more subtle effect than the interior.

Most likely made in the mid-twentieth century, this kimono shows that this kind of traditional clothing was still worn after the end of World War II, although briefly.

As their are many photos and as each speaks very eloquently, we will keep commentary to a minimum.

Enjoy the photos.

Very recommended.

A Marvelous Reversible Boro Kimono: Two Good Sides