A Magnificent Indigo Dyed Shibori Han Juban: Hand Spun Cotton

$495.00 USD

late nineteenth century
22" x 24", 56 cm x 61 cm

This indigo dyed cotton shibori han juban or half under kimono is a treasure for many reasons, some of which will be explained here.

The hand spun cotton is old and offers the "thread taste" or ito aji that is all important for excellent, old folk textiles. This one has it in high volume. 

The scale of the shibori dyed images to the size of the garment is dynamic: the images are of "broken" shippo tsunagi or the interlocking circle motif as well as "broken" asanoha or the traditional hemp leaf motif. The stitching used to create these shibori dyed images is broad and bold, as are the images themselves.

The hand spun cotton yarns drink in the indigo dye in a beautiful, saturated way: the color of this garment is a sapphire blue that is enhanced by the rustic texture of the woven cotton.

The good age of this piece is also a contributing factor to its engaging appearance; no doubt this was made in the 19th century. The materials and the bold touch of the shibori indicate this.

This is truly a marvelous piece of old shibori dyeing and one that is proudly being offered.