A Magnificent Boro Noragi: Equally Good Inside and Out

$475.00 USD

early twentieth century
31" x 51", 78.75 cm x 129.5 cm

Boro noragi, or mended work coats, are rarely as good looking as is this one.  In fact, this one is so special that we devoted an entire blog posting to it, which can be seen here.

Front and back, inside and out, this faded and patched, indigo dyed cotton coat is just gorgeous, and one that should be considered by any serious collector of boro clothing.

The sleeves are extremely narrow and are of a hand loomed cotton whose color is in contrast to the body of the coat; please be advised that if you are tempted to buy this coat to wear, the sleeves may be prohibitively narrow for this purpose.

The base cloth is a very faded, heavy weight indigo dyed cotton.  The many patches which are on both sides of the coat are of a dark toned indigo dyed cotton, all hand stitched.

As there are so many good things to say about this coat, it is probably best to let you pore over the detail photos which accompany this post, as they most accurately describe the coat.

Very recommended.




A Magnificent Boro Noragi: Equally Good Inside and Out