A Loom Width and a Half of Egasuri Cotton: Patched and Indigo Dyed

$90.00 USD

early twentieth century
48" x 18", 122 cm x 45.75 cm

This kasuri dyed cotton textile is composed of one full width of cloth to which a half width is stitched. The entire piece is made up of three separate sections which are hand stitched together. It seems likely this piece is a section taken from a futon cover.

The attractive pattern is based on a grid, each section of the grid alternating two heraldic designs or family crests, that of the tomoe or "three commas" which in this case is set into a hexagon or a reference to tortoise shell. The other motif is the crossed falcon feathers design.

The linear grid is of a faint golden color. There are just a few quite small, unnoticeable holes to the piece and, of course four patches a few of which are clearly shown on the detail photos.

This is a good-sized length of old cloth with a super appealing design.