A Lined Akita Shibori Kimono: Deep Indigo, Spare Design

$525.00 USD

early twentieth century
53" x 49", 134.5 cm x 124.5 cm (shoulder to hem x sleeve tip to sleeve tip)

This is a woman's indigo dyed cotton kimono showing a type of shibori referred to as Akita shibori: this type of shibori is characterized by a dark blue field and a spare, pared-down repeat pattern.

In this case the pattern is that of fluttering butterflies and late summer or autumn grasses, suggesting the lazy days of late summer. The butterflies are done with a stitched technique for the wings and a tied technique for the antennae. The grasses are done with a tied technique.

The kimono is entirely lined in indigo dyed cotton and the cotton itself is of a good weight and texture. It is roomy as can be seen when noting the dimensions listed above.

The condition is good and used. The indigo is still deep in tone and there are no flaws or condition issues worth mentioning.

This is a really handsome, old cotton kimono made from a desirable kind of Northern shibori and one that would be enhance any collection of textiles or augment any wardrobe.