A Length of White-on-Blue Shibori: Indigo Dyed Cotton

$90.00 USD

mid twentieth century
60" x 13 1/2", 152.5 cm x 34.25 cm

This is a boldly patterned length of indigo dyed cotton shibori, a sleeve piece taken from an old yukata which is an unlined, casual kimono.

The pattern of this length is really lovely.  It shows what appears to be softly curving, stylized wisteria vines that are interspersed with loosely twisted shibori dyed lines.  The indigo is rich and deep and the cotton is of good quality.  There is very good contrast between the undyed, white cotton and the indigo, and it is this play of light against dark which holds so much of these textile's appeal.

Being that this piece was taken from a yukata, it bears ingrained stains from having once been hand stitched into a garment.  Some may be visible on the accompanying photos.

A lovely length of shibori with a dynamic yet soothing pattern.

A Length of White-on-Blue Shibori: Indigo Dyed Cotton