A Length of Unusual Shibori: Reverse Miura

$70.00 USD

early twentieth century
80" x 10", 203 cm x 25 cm

This long, finished scarf-like cotton accessory is decorated by an unusual type of indigo dyed reverse miura shibori.

What we see here as being white splotches on a dark ground here would ordinarily be the opposite: we would see dark splotches on a lighter ground. This is quite odd and rather beautiful.

The cotton is of a good weight and by its creases we can tell it has been worn or used somehow. When this was purchased in Japan there was some talk or speculation that is was used as part of the geisha culture but there not more information other than that was offered or known.

It is a lovely piece with some minor greying from wear along the unfinished short ends but other than that this is in sturdy, good condition and can certainly be worn as a scarf.

Interesting, unusual and recommended.

A Length of Unusual Shibori: Reverse Miura