A Length of Starkly Designed Kasuri: Cranes

$55.00 USD

mid twentieth century
65" x 13", 165 cm x 33 cm

This is a length of indigo dyed cotton that has been dyed in the kasuri method, a technique where yarns are bound before dyeing in order to resist areas to be woven.  Once woven properly, the dyed and undyed areas of yarn form an image or a pattern on the finished cloth.

This piece of cotton was undoubtedly taken from a futon cover and it most probably was woven in Kurume, an area in Kyushu known for its boldly geometric and picture kasuri, of which this piece is a good example.

Three white squares are interspersed between three cranes, the crane being a symbol of long life.

The undyed cotton is still very bright white and the indigo color is still strong.  The cloth is a wonderful contrast of bold geometry against well-executed pictorial image.  It is beautifully done.

Just lovely and in good, used condition.



A Length of Starkly Designed Kasuri: Cranes