A Length of Smudged Katazome Cotton: End Bolt Piece

$70.00 USD

mid twentieth century
56" x 13", 142.25 cm x 33 cm

This is a length of very deeply dyed indigo cotton which is decorated in the stencil resist or katazome method.  This piece here was taken from the end of the bolt.  At the bottom of the length show here is a band of plain, dark indigo with a resisted blank space.  This is placed here to accept the maker's mark or to inscribe some information about the bolt of cloth.

Look carefully at the detail photographs to see what is interesting about this length of katazome dyed cotton: the dyeing is very flawed.  There are smudges, blank areas, smeared sections and indications to the size of the stencil: in expert katazome dyeing one never sees a break in the pattern which indicates the repeat, nor does one see any irregularity or flaw in the technique.

But in the case of this length here, these irregularities are really charming and add character to the piece.

Very nice!!