A Length of Shirokage Shibori: Yukata

$80.00 USD

ca. early to mid twentieth century
59" x 13", 150 cm x 33 cm

What a beautiful length of indigo dyed shibori. 

This blue-on-white shibori, dyed on good quality cotton and for dyers out there, you can immediately understand why: this cotton piece was submerged in a dye vat, so the white areas of this pattern were ingeniously tucked away to resist contact with the indigo dye, allowing only the blue areas of the pattern to drink in the dye.  This shibori technique is called shirokage or shirakage, and it is a remarkable technique for the skill that is required.

The pattern is that of lattice, and as can be seen by the accompanying photographs, the dyed lines of the lattice are a bit two-toned due to the indigo dye bleeding.

This cloth was taken from a yukata, an unlined, casual kimono.  As such, the cloth itself shows faint wear to the surface and there are ingrained creases from its former life as a garment.

A lovely length of shibori dyeing.
A Length of Shirokage Shibori: Yukata