A Length of Shifu: Paper and Leftover Cotton Yarns

$90.00 USD

early twentieth century
30" x 13 1/4", 76 cm x 33.5 cm

This slubby and richly textured length of cloth is woven from a cotton warp and a cotton and paper yarn weft. Cloth that contains paper weft yarn is referred to as shifu.

The weft yarns, primarily the cotton weft yarns, are left over and because of this they create a random, variegated striped color pattern as they travel up the length of the cloth.

The addition of the paper yarn is a wonderful surprise and because of this the cloth is unusually light in weight which is a characteristic of shifu because paper yarn is lighter in weight than cotton yarn.

The red dyed yarns have bled a bit into the surrounding areas creating a pinkish stain onto them. 

A beautiful and curious length of leftover yarn weaving whose addition of a good amount of paper yarn make it an appealing folk weaving.