A Length of Rustic Shibori: Allusion to Bamboo

$65.00 USD

early twentieth century
63" x 12 1/4", 160 cm x 30.5 cm

This is a length of rustic, indigo dyed shibori cotton that depicts a field of tie-dyed circles of two different sizes. If you imagine the cross section of a piece of bamboo this image might offer an insight into the pattern that has been dyed onto this cloth.

The length is composed of two separate pieces and there are four dark cotton mending patches. There is one fairly noticeable hole--pictured--and a spray of  pinprick sized holes only visible when held against light.

The cotton is a bit brittle to the touch indicating that is an old piece and the visual effect of the length when seen from a distance in its entirety is captivating.

Really nice and with a good, rustic character.

A Length of Rustic Shibori: Allusion to Bamboo