A Length of Rustic Jishiro Katazome: Tortoiseshell

$85.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
67" x 13 1/4", 170 cm x 33.5 cm 

This length of beautifully crafted, hand loomed cotton is dyed in the katazome method, where a hand cut stencil was used as a guide for resist dyeing.

This panel was taken from a futon cover.

The quality of the katazome is rustic, not refined.  The pattern is bold, there are gaps in the dye, the design is heavy-handed--but because of all these qualities, this is a very good-looking length of jishiro, or blue-one-white katazome cloth.

The pattern is kikko or tortoise shell: kikko is a popular motif because it signifies a wish for long life.  Inside each of the tortoiseshell hexagons is a stylized chrysanthemum, another well-used design in Japanese textiles.

The overall condition of this piece is good for being almost 100 years old and for being used.  And the repeat pattern is just beautiful.

A Length of Rustic Jishiro Katazome: Tortoiseshell