A Length of Picture Kasuri: Tortoise and Crane

$85.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
54" x 13", 137 cm x 33 cm

This length of indigo dyed kasuri cotton celebrates the conveyance of a wish for long life.

Woven into the weft yarns is a crane and a tortoise, both symbols of longevity. The top images shows a hexagon--often used as a stand-in for tortoise shell--which is sprouting pine, yet another motif that relates to wishes for a long life.

The fourth image is one of a rising sun in the shape of a chrysanthemum, a motif sometimes seen on this type of egasuri or picture kasuri cloth.

The cotton is fairly lightweight and may have been woven on an early type of power loom. This panel was taken from a futon cover which may have been constructed of four or five of these panels joined together: imagine what this looked like.

Really lovely cloth with life-affirming symbols this length of kasuri is also well-executed.

A Length of Picture Kasuri: Tortoise and Crane