A Length of Patched Sakiori: Wonderful Color

$155.00 USD

ca. early to mid twentieth century
60" x 12 1/4", 152.5 cm x 31 cm

Simply beautiful.  This length of cotton sakiori cloth is rich in texture and beautiful, overall coloration.  

The color at first glance is a kind of rich, river rock beige: when looking at it more closely you can see that the weft is shot through with wonderful and variegated colors which add a visual interest to the length--and an enhanced beauty to the overall color.

This length seems extracted from a larger piece, probably a kotatsugake or a cover for a traditional Japanese heating device.  There are two, indigo dyed kasuri cotton patches affixed to the proper, left edge.

The piece is in very good condition; the texture is slubby and wonderful.

This is a very, very good length of sakiori cloth.


A Length of Patched Sakiori: Wonderful Color