A Length of Kumo Shibori: Spiderweb Pattern

$55.00 USD

mid twentieth century
56" x 13", 142 cm x 33 cm

This is a length of indigo dyed cotton kumo shibori or shibori that has been shape resist dyed in the tie dye method, the result being this crammed field of kumo or spiderwebs. Please note there are some small, pin prick-sized stains and a very faint cloud of light staining, barely noticeable, and pictured on the second photo here; the stain is photographically enhanced so it is seen better.

This length is taken from a yukata or an unlined summer kimono; as such there are ingrained creases and some light wear to the length.  Additionally, although this cotton is most likely not hand woven--and please note that this piece was probably taken from the end of a full bolt of shibori as the dark, indigo corner (shown in detail) indicates this. Some stitching from the original yukata is still in place on one of the long sides.

Good, white cotton and dark rich indigo are a great combination as can be seen in this length of  handsome, hand made shibori.

A Length of Kumo Shibori: Spiderweb Pattern