A Length of Tied Shibori: Crowded Pattern with "Blanks"

$75.00 USD

 ca. early twentieth century
40" x 12 3/4", 101.5 cm x 32.25 cm

This length of indigo dyed cotton shibori cloth is rich in texture: the dappled, shaped surface of this cloth is the result of it being firmly tied in little points over the entirety of its surface; once the entire surface is tied, it is dyed.

The pattern is crowded and shows a deep, inky indigo color.  What is interesting, if you look at most of the accompanying photos, there are a few of the tied dapples which were not dyed, and they show simply as a "blank" which has still retained its peaked shape.

As well, look at the top edge of this length and you will see that the tie dyed design has morphed into a kind of kumo or spiderweb pattern on this top, narrow edge.  Just beautiful.

A really lovely length of hand dyed Japanese shibori.

A Length of Tied Shibori: Crowded Pattern with "Blanks"