A Length of Komon Katazome: Tiny, All Over Design

$35.00 USD

early twentieth century
53 1/2" x 12", 136 cm x 30.5 cm

This is a length of komon katazome cotton which is dyed in indigo.  Komon refers to an all-over pattern, and even though this one is as small and intricate as those which were popular in the Edo period (1603-1868) which are known as Edo komon this length seems to be a more recent vintage, probably from the first half of the 20th century.

The proper reverse of the cloth is being detailed here in order to show the repeat: looking closely you can see faint, horizontal lines which indicate the size of the stencil used to create this pattern; it is an interesting aspect of dyeing to reveal, which is why we are doing it here.

The pattern is a repeat of minuscule triangles which, when seen from a distance, read as mist or fog.

A lovely piece of katazome cotton, and one whose pattern reads more as texture than image.

A Length of Komon Katazome: Tiny, All Over Design