A Length of Katazome Dyed Cotton: Tsurukame

$75.00 USD

early twentieth century
39" x 13 1/2", 99 cm x 34.25 cm

This is a very nice length of indigo dyed katazome cotton that shows a repeat pattern of a traditional Japanese motif referred to as tsurukame or the pairing of the crane and tortoise/turtle.

The two images each represent wishes for a long life and they are often seen on textiles and are often rendered on hand made objects.

In this case the indigo is very dark and the resisted design is crisp and bright. The hand woven cotton is of good weight and is in good, used condition.

Beautifully designed and rendered, this is a good example of an old katazome pattern from Japan.

A Length of Katazome Dyed Cotton: Tsurukame